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Subject: "Rotten to its core"
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"The European Union is rotten to its core, and it is time it was thrown in the dustbin of history to lie alongside the USSR and all such attempts to gerrymander, hoodwink and plunder the peoples of Europe."

Reply from Minister Dempsey's Office
by W. Finnerty. Mon Sep 11, 2006 12:49 
A reply has been received from the Private Secretary to Mr Noel Dempsey T.D. (Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources) regarding the "rampant corruption" issue referred to in the September 9th posting by me above.
A copy of the full text of the reply from Minister Dempsey's Office can be viewed at the following location:
As might be expected in the circumstances, some quick checks made recently on the Internet strongly suggest there is a "rampant corruption" problem in the European Union as well. 
"Birds of a feather flock together" ?
"The European Union is rotten to its core, and it is time it was thrown in the dustbin of history to lie alongside the USSR and all such attempts to gerrymander, hoodwink and plunder the peoples of Europe."
The conclusion in the quote just above appears to have been reached some months ago by a Mr Christopher Arkell, who describes himself as a "forensic accountant".
Mr Arkell continued: "The crisis brought on by the French and Dutch No votes in their referendums, and the severe difficulties agreeing the Commission's new budget (which have resulted in huge pressure being put on Britain to give up its rebate) provide us with a unique opportunity to demand the abolition of the entire EU structure and its re-founding on the straightforward principles of honesty and plain-dealing. For the present arrangements do not merely invite fraud and corruption and the plundering of our tax moneys, but they are fraudulent in themselves. It is simply wrong for an institution such as the European Commission to set up a court of auditors and yet, by design, to prevent that court from ever carrying out its purposes."
Additional information on Mr Arkell's observations regarding corruption in the European Union can be found at:
Related Link:
The above text has been copied from the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:

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