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  "Small wonder perhaps things are the way they are?

"Public servants and the legal profession are above the law, and all others are beneath it - or so it seems at least, judging by the way these people behave."

Bullyboy Tactics at Galway Co Council
by W. Finnerty.  Tue Apr 24, 2007 09:54
I'm not in the least surprised to learn of the intimidation outlined above.
Behind the scenes, it seems to me that Galway County Council must be run by a bunch of serial-bullies, people who are far more interested in pushing people around than they are in doing the work they are supposed to be doing. (More on serial-bullies can be found at )
Some years ago, when I asked Mr Enda Hoey (Galway County Council Enforcement Officer) to look at some unlawful raw-sewage discharges coming from the primary school in New Inn, which is near my home, and which were within 50 yards or so from where he was standing at the time, I eventually ended up being charged with a criminal offence that involves a possible six-month jail sentence (details at ). 
The raw sewage in question was going straight into the river which runs right through the centre of New Inn village, at a point about 60 yards or so upstream from the pump-house for the local community water supply. As far as I know, this arrangement remains in place, and is still as shown at the following address: .
Efforts to remedy the legal situation by reasonable means, only made things much worse: thanks to what I have come to see as a "might is right" and "we'll do as we like" type of attitude at Galway County Council: an attitude which, AMAZINGLY (in my view), appears to be supported throughout the entire legal profession. 
Small wonder perhaps things are the way they are? Public servants and the legal profession are above the law, and all others are beneath it - or so it seems at least, judging by the way these people behave.
For anyone interested, more general information relating to my particular set of difficulties with Galway County Council and Mr Hoey, which are ongoing and severe, can be found via the following link:,+Hoey,+Sewage+Discharges&btnG=Search .
Also, and thanks to Mr Hoey & Galway County Council, "Bullying by Public Officials & Bodies" eventually became the main theme at the web site address provided in the "Related Link" below.
Related Link:
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