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Subject: Exquisitely fashioned 2,000 year old La Tène horse-bit
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"I'm sure there is an explanation for this strange set of circumstances, conflicting information, and apparent ignorance regarding the La Tène bronze horse-bit (and the amazing archaeological environment it was found in), and I'd really love to know what it is?"  




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Subject: Exquisitely fashioned 2,000 year old La Tène

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La Tène snaffle-bit
by W. Finnerty.  Thu May 31, 2007 08:26
As far as I know "the exquisitely fashioned bronze horse-bit of native La Tène craftsmanship (currently housed in the National Museum of Ireland)" was found in Attymon, County Galway. There is a photograph and some information relating to this 2,000 year old item approximately three-quarters way down the following page:
Talking of unusual ancient heritage sites being completely destroyed, please see the one at , which is near Attymon.
According to local reports, the very unusual site at the address just above (near the Hill of Grange) was destroyed with the use of a government grant, and possibly deliberately in order to make it more easy for Galway County Council to locate a huge rubbish dump which they plan to open near the world famous Turoe Stone: and which is believed by many to be the most important piece of Celtic stone-art in the world. (More at .)
To add to the intrigue, I note that "Joe Fenwick is a graduate of University College, Dublin (UCD) and the National University of Ireland, Galway", and that he "was previously employed in the Department of Archaeology (NUI,Galway) as a Contract Lecturer (1997 - 2000)" - as stated at
Also, Attymon is just a 30 minute or so drive from NUI Galway, as is the Turoe Stone, which sits on the Esker Riada: and which is possibly the oldest (10,000 years approximately) and most historic road in the world - with several parts of it still in use today.
I'm sure there is an explanation for this strange set of circumstances, conflicting information, and apparent ignorance regarding the La Tène bronze horse-bit (and the amazing archaeological environment it was found in), and I'd really love to know what it is?
Perhaps Joe Fenwick might like to tell us? - particularly when so many more of the several ancient heritage sites in the Turoe area are likely to be soon destroyed: if the present route for the planned PPP (private-public partnership) "N6 Upgrade" Toll Road is allowed to plough right through the Turoe & Knocknadala (Hill of Parliament) area.
Or, alternatively, perhaps Dr Connor Newman (senior archaeologist) might explain his position? I understand he also works and is based at NUI Galway, and I (for one) have often wondered why he has spent so much of his time working on Tara - and absolutely none (it would appear) on Turoe?  (Similarly, with regard to the many other archaeologists and historians based at NUI Galway?)
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