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From: "William Finnerty" <>
Subject: Media Supported State Corruption (and Bullying)
To: "EUROPA NOSTRA Secretary-General Mrs Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailovic)" <>, "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. (Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05)" <>, "Dick Marty (PACE Rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights)" <>, "Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (Thomas Hammarberg)" <>, "Venice Commission (Council of Europe)" <>, "Liam Cashman (Environmental Directorate, The European Commission)" <>, "Jose Manuel Barroso (President of EU Commission)" <>, "Josep Borrell Fontelles (President of the European Parliament)" <>, "Erkki Tuomioja President of the Council of the European Union)" <>, "Northern Ireland Criminal Justice Minister David Hanson MP" <>, "Caroline Nolan (Solicitor, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission)" <>, "Michael Farrell (Solicitor, Irish Human Rights Commissioner)" <>, "Prime Minister Tony Blair MP" <>, "David Cameron MP (Leader of UK Opposition Party)" <>, "Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP" <>, "Dr John Kirby (Bishop of Clonfert)" <>, "Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor" <>, "Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams" <>, "Prime Minister Bertie Ahern" <>, "Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Justice (Michael McDowell TD)" <>, "Minister for Health Mary Harney" <>,,,,, "Gearoid Geraghty (Lawyer, Fair Murtagh, Ballinasloe)" <>, "Ciara Macklin (Lawyer, Fair-Murtagh)" <>, "Martin Egan (Principal Lawyer, Fair-Murtagh Law Firm)" <>, "Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde OBE" <>, "Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland)" <>,,, "Anne Scott (Northern Ireland Ombudsman's Office)" <>,, "Mr Greg Nolan (Solicitor, Patrick Hogan & Co., Ballinalsloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland.)" <>, "Pat Hughes (Roscommon Auctioneer)" <>, "Thomas Lohan" <>,, "UTV (Newsroom)" <>,,, "Sir Anthony O'Reilly" <>, "Guardian of Republic of Ireland Constitution (President Mary McAleese)" <>, "Kofi Annan (Secretary-General of the United Nations)" <>, "President George W. Bush" <>
CC: "GRECO (Council of Europe's Group of States Against Corruption)" <>, "Franz-Hermann BrŘner Director of the European Union Anti-Fraud Office)" <>, "Mr Riccardo Monaco, Office of the European Ombudsman (Re: European Ombudsman's complaint reference:1569/2006/RM)" <>, "Mr James Hamilton (Director of Public Prosecutions, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan (New Inn, County Galway.)" <>, "Gerard J Madden (Senior Social Worker, Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland)" <>
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"If these figures are correct, or anywhere near it, O'Reilly stands to make a personal profit of €1.4 billion without adding any value whatsoever to the licence he obtained (for the princely sum of €11,000 two years ago)."
"So how did Mr O’Reilly get such a lucrative hold over the country’s oil and gas wealth? He told Forbes magazine, in an unusually unguarded interview, in September 1983, that his geologist had chosen six blocks of seabed for exploration."  
“Since I own 35 per cent of the newspapers in Ireland I have close contact with the politicians. I got the blocks he wanted.”  That’s how.
"As is the fact that a spokesperson for the Taoiseach (Prime Minister Ahern TD) recently told a prominent Dublin journalist that he was 'terrified' of O’Reilly’s other newspaper, the Sunday Independent."
The above pieces of text have been copied from the following Indymedia (Ireland) location: 

Article 10.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann (Constitution of the Republic of Ireland) states:
"All natural resources, including the air and all forms of potential energy, within the jurisdiction of the Parliament and Government established by this Constitution and all royalties and franchises within that jurisdiction belong to the State subject to all estates and interests therein for the time being lawfully vested in any person or body."

"What a nasty little country"
by W. Finnerty. Sat Oct 14, 2006 13:53
The main text of an e-mail sent earlier today (by me) to a number of individuals and groups relating to the matter of "media supported corruption", as I see it, has been reproduced below. 
The full text, and the full list of addressees, together with what I understand was the text of the article which appeared in yesterday's Irish Times, can be viewed at the following location:
For future reference purposes, Yahoo e-mail message identification and tracking information has been included at the above address.
The main text of the e-mail in question is as follows:
"What have The Irish Times done to help? What sort of people are they?
Why have the Irish Times repeatedly and consistently buried their heads in the sand regarding the MAJOR human rights and environmental issues which lay at the root of many (possibly all?) of the extremely serious social problems which have by now so well established themselves in Irish society: the same set of problems The Irish Times was yesterday self-indulgently "wondering aloud" about in public apparently?
Why, for example, have the Irish Times more or less completely ignored - year after year - the kind of amazing and deeply serious Republic of Ireland Constitutional issues relating to the United Nations Aarhus Convention Agreement Ireland signed in 1998, and raised in e-mails to them such as that at the following address?
Though they do not appear to realise it, or are slyly pretending not to realise it, The Irish Times and its disastrous and extremely shoddy habit of "cherry-picking" with regard to reality (i.e. "what is"), has greatly helped the overall "nasty little country" problem to develop, and to grow to the point where its monstrous and stinking-rotten wings have now spread all over (and under) the place - has it not? 
Similarly for all the other traditional "Media-Baron / Bilderberg" driven sources of public information - including the state broadcasters?
You can tell the type of tree from the fruit it produces - can you not?"
Related link:
Related Link:
The above text has been copied from the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:

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Might the legal profession be able to help with the above problems?
It seems not, as there appears to be major problems with corruption in the Republic of Ireland's legal system as well - very similar it is thought to those briefly outlined by lawyer Teddy Moore in the video interview at the following address:
In fact, it seems to be the case that the legal profession is the very cleverly hidden and insidious "keystone" which is powerfully supporting the whole weight of all the corruption (and bullying) that is taking place in the Republic of Ireland at the present time.  

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Constitution of Ireland:
Bunreacht na hEireann

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European Convention on Human Rights (Council of Europe):

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