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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 15:34:31 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [Celtic Party] The "Mighty Stick" of Tara

Do any of our lawyers have what it takes though to now use this "mighty stick" effectively, and responsibly, I wonder?
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"Nefarious Methods"
by W. Finnerty. Wed Sep 05, 2007 14:54 
Titled as follows: "Sovereignty Stripping" Versus "Judges'  Declaration" - an e-mail was sent yesterday to a selection of senior politicians and lawyers.
Basically, it was an attempt to show how the present Tara "situation" may well be an example (and a symptom) of what Nobel Prize winner and former World Bank Vice President Joseph Stiglitz has described as the "nefarious (i.e. unlawful, wicked, and evil) methods of inducing countries to fall under their debt before stripping them of sovereignty". (For the article containing this quote from Joseph Stiglitz, please go to .)
Allowing for the possible presence of these "nefarious methods", it now seems extremely important (to me at least) that, as part of the new court challenge, the constitutionality of National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004 is fully checked out and decided upon by our judiciary: one way or the other. 
Either our National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004 is constitutional, or it's not? - as can ultimately be determined by our Supreme Court if necessary.
Allowing for the major doubts expressed by some of our most senior lawyers regarding the constitutionality of our National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004, it appears to me we all badly need to know the answer to this question as soon as possible, and before this particular piece of highly dubious legislation is used to damage and/or to destroy any more of our most important heritage sites.
A copy of the e-mail sent yesterday to the large group of senior lawyers and politicians in question can be viewed at .
While I, like many others I imagine, believe the breaking of European Union law is an extremely serious issue, it nevertheless seems to me to be of secondary importance to the possibility that unconstitutional law belonging to the Republic of Ireland, i.e. our "National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004", is possibly being used by global banking organisations for nefarious purposes; and, with the assistance perhaps (?) of some members of our own judiciary: keeping in mind the so far unexplained EUROS 600,000 High Court debacle of 2006, which appears to have failed completely in regard to its most important task - that of deciding whether this particular piece of legislation is constitutional or not.
Also, and among other things, it seems to me that the people of the Republic of Ireland now badly need to learn how to sort out their own internal legal problems: instead of hoping the European Union will do it all for us, and waiting around for them to act - which they may, or may not, do? 
Fortunately, as Tara is such an important world-class heritage site, and of such great importance to so many people around the world, it now conveniently provides a potentially very powerful "stick" to severely challenge any nefarious methods which are possibly being used against it.
Do any of our lawyers have what it takes though to now use this "mighty stick" effectively, and responsibly, I wonder?
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