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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 11:20:18 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: [Celtic Party] IHRC (Irish Human Rights Commission) Report

"Put another way, the Irish Human Rights Commission (as I see things) can 'talk the talk' all right: but, they can't 'walk the walk' - which is what really matters, and the ONLY thing that really counts (in my view) as far as the actual VICTIMS of human rights abuse (such as myself for example) are concerned."


IHRC Report
by W. Finnerty. Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:15

Edward (at Tue Dec 04, 2007 23:12),

By "IHRC" I assume you mean the "Irish Human Rights Commission" (at http://www.ihrc. ie/home/default. asp ).

All of my experience with the IHRC suggests they are unable to help in any MEANINGFUL way with human rights abuses - at least not at the present time.

As often (always?) seems to be the case with such government backed (and funded I assume) organisations, they appear to me (at the present time at least) as nothing more than a "Window Dressing" type of operation - which has been put in place by the State to create and maintain the illusion (for general public consumption) that the Republic of Ireland takes human rights seriously; and, as such, unfortunately, they are (in effect), and without meaning to perhaps (as individuals) , part of the PROBLEM (of human rights abuse), and most definitely NOT any part of the solution (in my view).

Put another way, the Irish Human Rights Commission (as I see things) can "talk the talk" all right: but, they can't "walk the walk" - which is what really matters, and the ONLY thing that really counts (in my view) as far as the actual VICTIMS of human rights abuse (such as myself for example) are concerned.

Being "genuine" is not enough; those involved with the Irish Human Rights Commission also need to be able "to take the bull by the horns": and to deal EFFECTIVELY with the actual PRACTICAL problems of human rights abuse which they are informed about on a day-to-day basis (by Republic of Ireland citizens, such as myself for example).

Please note that Michael Farrell (Lawyer & Irish Human Rights Commissioner) is among those in the "CC" list of the registered e-mail letter I sent to our Chief Justice John L. Murray on August 28th 2007 at http://www.european ceMurray/28August2007/Letter.htm 

However, I have not heard a SINGLE word from Mr Farrell to date: a fact which speaks for itself I feel.

Far worse of course, neither have I heard a single word from our Chief Justice John L. Murray, nor from any of his senior law officer colleagues.

Related Link: http://www.constitutionofireland. com


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