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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 14:04:44 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [Celtic Party] Protesting against the authoritarian excesses of governments

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Protesting against the authoritarian excesses of governments
| international | elections | news report  Monday April 24, 2006 12:12 by W. Finnerty. 
"Voting doesn't empower *us*, it gives *them* a blank cheque."
"It is immaterial who you vote for; they are all corrupt to the core. So why put dictators and criminals into power, who will only look after their cronies / friends?"
The two quotes above are from Suzon Forscey-Moore's Internet messages - as are the following three:
"But remember, Britain is much worse than America. I should know, having been framed-up by the Inland Revenue and robbed of my home and possessions by corrupt High Court ‘Judges’. Tony Blair (and ‘Lord’ Falconer) is fully aware of the crimes committed against me, but he is more interested in selling peerages to his cronies."
"You cannot find a Solicitor (Lawyer) in the UK that will take a case against a government body. I have tried over a thousand firms of Solicitors in the UK to take on my ready-made case."
"Not voting or, better yet, spoiling your ballot paper by writing 'none of the above' is the most powerful message you can send." 
Though Ms Forscey-Moore appears to be based in the UK, and her main grievance seems to be with the "Blair Government", the contents of the web site she is at present using (address provided further down) suggests that her very interesting and entirely peaceful form of protest could - with the right amount of support from individual voters - be used very effectively in a great many countries other than the UK (including the Republic of Ireland).
Many more quotations of the kind provided above, growing in number and from a widening selection of people, can now be found at:  
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