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"My hope now is that RTE will include these issues (Aarhus, PPP, "public participation in decision-making", Tara, and Article 29. 5. 1° of Bunreacht na hEireann) in tonight's TV debate with the FOUR main opposition leaders (see )"   



Great Work
by W. Finnerty.  Wed May 16, 2007 14:08
I believe I must be just one of MANY who feel extremely grateful for the fact that there are people in the immediate area of the Hill of Tara to keep a sharp eye on developments, and report events in the way you are doing to the millions who (like myself) cannot be there.
Once ancient heritage sites are destroyed, they are destroyed forever.
"In order to contribute to the protection of the right of EVERY PERSON of present and FUTURE GENERATIONS to live in an environment adequate to his or her health and well being, each party shall guarantee the rights of access to information, PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IN DECISION MAKING, and access to justice in environmental matters in accordance with the provisions of this Convention."
The quote just above is the main stated "Objective" (Article 1) of the United Nations Aarhus Convention Agreement which the Republic of Ireland signed in 1998: and which, it spite of Article 29. 5. 1° of Bunreacht na hEireann (Constitution of Republic of Ireland), has still not been laid before Dáil Éireann. 
Article 29. 5. 1° of Bunreacht na hEireann very clearly states:
"Every international agreement to which the State becomes a party shall be laid before Dáil Éireann." (Full text available via .)
Why is it that all (or almost all) of our "elected representatives" continue to completely ignore the wholly unconstitutional way that the Aarhus Convention Agreement is being handled by the Republic of Ireland - almost NINE YEARS years after it was signed on June 25th 1998
Is it possible (I wonder) they are doing this, and lots of other things besides, to accommodate and facilitate the mind-bending "rip-offs" by the PPP (public-private partnership) swindlers - as described in articles such as the one at ?
And, if their completely unexplained tardiness, and TOTAL silence, regarding the matter of ratifying the Aarhus Convention is not connected with the PPP swindlers, what is it that's stopping them from doing what the people who vote for them so desperately now need to have done? - i.e. to enable "PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IN DECISION MAKING" for "EVERY PERSON".
My hope now is that RTE will include these issues (Aarhus, PPP, "public participation in decision-making", Tara, and Article 29. 5. 1° of Bunreacht na hEireann) in tonight's TV debate with the FOUR main opposition leaders (see )
RTE were informed the day before yesterday about the above issues, as can be seen at
Far more important perhaps, Minister for Justice Michael Mc Dowell TD was reminded (for the umpteenth time) again yesterday regarding the above issues, as can be seen at
A final thought, which relates to the way Switzerland (just like the Republic of Ireland) is also failing to ratify the Aarhus Convention Agreement: might it have anything to do with the fact that doing so could conceivably threaten their very worrying "numbered accounts" business, which I assume must feature very strongly in PPP type activities? 
Just a thought, and far be it from me to jump to hasty conclusions of any kind regarding Switzerland.
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