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"Around 1700 AD, Samuel Johnson talked of the Magna Carta being 'born with a grey beard'."  

"Book of Rights" (Brehon Law)
by W. Finnerty. Sat Jun 23, 2007 18:25
"But these five large volumes do not by any means contain the whole of Irish law (Brehon Law) literature, which, in its widest sense, that is, including such pieces as the 'Book of Rights', would probably fill at least TEN such volumes." 
As some will already know, the Magna Carta ("The Great Charter of Freedoms" produced in England in 1215 AD) is surrounded by vague and tantalising myths which strongly suggest that the "essentials" of this world-famous legal document came from a much, much earlier period of human history - which is usually referred to as "The Golden Age", and which may embrace the days of "The Golden Fleece" possibly - in the "time of Homer" (eighth century BC or possibly earlier).
Around 1700 AD, Samuel Johnson (for instance) talked of the Magna Carta being "born with a grey beard".
I wonder if by any chance the source of these myths might be the Brehon Law "Book of Rights" associated with the "Great Feast of Tara"?
"There are many more valuable Brehon documents still untranscribed in the library of Trinity College (Dublin), in the British Museum, and in the Bodleian Library (Oxford University, England) and possibly some fragments in the Royal Irish Academy and other repositories." (From )
How long is this priceless Brehon Law "Book of Rights" going to remain "untranscribed" I wonder - having due regard for the fact that Brehon Law is widely believed to be the oldest and most compassionate set of laws in Europe: and very likely just as old, or possibly older, as anything connected with Homer? 
The Brehon Law "Book of Rights" is a very large and comprehensive set of "Golden Laws" from the "Golden Age" maybe? - which, given the opportunity, might out-shine the Magna Carta in a really big way perhaps?
Related Link:
The above text has been copied from the following Indymedia (Ireland) location: 
Information on the PPP (Public Private Partnership) M3 Toll Road at present scheduled to go through the Hill of Tara area can be found via the following link: .
During recent months, it appears that a number of extremely important ancient heritage sites closely associated with the Hill of Tara have already been completely destroyed as a direct result of this PPP project (or the "Plunder Plunder Plunder" project as some people have now come to think of it). 
A number of other important heritage sites in the area have also been badly damaged apparently.
Unless something of significance is done soon to prevent it, the same fate awaits many more of the ancient heritage sites which form an integral part of the overall set of sites connected with the Hill of Tara, Brehon Law, and King Ollamh Fodhla.
Information on King Ollamh Fodhla can be found at .
According to the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters (written in Donegal between 1632-36 AD), King Ollamh Fodhla reigned over Ireland for a forty year period between 1317 and 1277 BC.  A scanned copy of the actual text containing this statement can be found at the following address:
As can be seen at the address just above, the text of
the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters also states very clearly that: 
"He (King Ollamh Fodhla) was the first king by whom the Feis-Teamhrach (The Great Feast of Tara) was established.
The main purpose of the regularly held "Great Feast of Tara" appears to have been the nationwide installation, policing, and maintenance of Brehon Law.
It seems Brehon Law was used throughout the whole Island of Ireland for a period of around 2,500 years, and right up to the time of the Anglo-Norman Invasion in 1169 AD. Following that, it began to gradually get stamped out - and replaced by English Law.
By around the mid 1600s AD, Brehon Law - which was very, very different in several respects to English Law - had completely vanished from everyday life in Ireland.
"Government of the people, by the people, for the people"
"Lincoln's Last Warning" to the despots of his time - which appeared a few months before he issued his great Emancipation Proclamation (declaring all slaves in the United States forever free) on the 1st of January, 1863:

"Now, if you don't come down, I'll cut the tree from under you."

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