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Subject: The curse of unconstitutional legislation ...
To: "Chief Justice John L. Murray" <>, "Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Former Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD" <>, "Mr. Rory Brady, S.C. (Attorney General, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Mr James Hamilton (Director of Public Prosecutions, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "The Chief State Solicitor (Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Guardian of Republic of Ireland Constitution (President Mary McAleese)" <>, "Peter Sutherland (Former Attorney General, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International Bank, and Steering Committee Member of the Bilderberg Group)" <>
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"A majority held in restraint by constitutional checks and limitations is the only true soverign of a free people. Whoever rejects it does, of necessity, fly to anarchy or despotism." 

(Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President 1861-65.)



Down and out (and good riddance)
by W. Finnerty.  Mon May 28, 2007 08:37
The dangerously deluded Minister for Justice McDowell: Bilderberg patriot, and Bunreacht traitor.
What happens now I wonder to all the dodgy and extremely doubtful legislation produced by barrister Michael McDowell during the past 10 years or so: i.e. during the time he spent as Attorney General and Minister for Justice (in the Republic of Ireland)?
Will it all continue to be falsely treated as "constitutional" by the entire legal profession, or will the legal profession have the decency to arrange for it to be thoroughly checked by Judicial Review, the Supreme Court, or whatever: BEFORE they use it in court, or rely or act on it again in any way for the future?
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The above text was copied from the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:

As can be seen at the address just below, legal help has been sought through Mr John Glynn (Barrister) of Hogan & Co (Law Firm) regarding former Minister for Justice McDowell's perverse and criminal behaviour towards Bunreacht na hEireann (Constitution of the Republic of Ireland), and the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 (Republic of Ireland) as well:

Unfortunately, it appears that Mr Glynn (lawyer) has decided to remain completely silent on all matters relating to Mr McDowell's bullying and abusive behaviour towards me, and I continue to be left - COMPLETELY on my own - to try and deal with this ongoing legal nightmare, which means I still have to live, completely against my wishes, in forced exile outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland.

Consequently, I have lost the use of my home, and of all my possessions which are located at my home in County Galway.

It is certainly the case that I have not received any reply from anybody at Hogan & Co. to the letter I sent to Mr Glynn through the registered post on April 3rd 2007. As can be seen via the internet page address immediately above, the Post Office internet "Track & Trace" service shows that the letter in question was delivered "before 12:00" on April 5th 2007.

The longer this cowardly and very subtle form of EXTREME bullying (i.e. "the silent treatment") continues, the more it appears that the entire legal profession in the Republic of Ireland has decided it should protect former Minister for Justice McDowell from the consequences of his unlawful and criminal activities, at all costs: and regardless of the consequences for everybody else.

Now that the people of the Republic of Ireland have democratically VOTED former Minister for Justice & Deputy Prime Minister Mc Dowell out of office, and out of his two very senior jobs in Government, at the General Election on May 24th 2007, my hope is the legal profession will reconsider its overall position regarding my particular set of severely damaging legal difficulties, which are of course ongoing, and without any hope, as things stand at present, of there ever being a safe, lawful, and just resolution (from my viewpoint): and all of this is happening in spite of Article 13 ("Right to an effective remedy") of the Republic of Ireland's "European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003". 

Article 13 of the Act reads as follows: "Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.

The two main questions I would now like to put to all addressees of this e-mail are these:

1) Why is the legal profession denying me my legal rights in such a stubborn, blatant, contrived, unlawful, and completely uncaring and callous manner for the past several years?


2) What (if anything) can anybody do to stop this outrageous and thoroughly corrupt abuse of the law by the legal profession?
It is now approximately five years ago since I first tried to challenge the constitutionality of the alterations made in connection with the Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 (Republic of Ireland): which is the event that triggered the whole legal mess I am now saddled with, and which the legal profession has apparently decided I absolutely MUST carry for the rest of my life, simply because that is what they have decided (without any trial and without any jury), and because nobody can successfully challenge them - all thanks to the completely ANTI-DEMOCRATIC and systemic capsule of protective corruption and bad mannered silence they have so successfully now built up for themselves, and which no outsider can successfully penetrate apparently.

After five years of trying, I still do not know for sure whether the alterations to Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 are constitutional or not, and neither does ANYBODY else (as far as I am aware): because every attempt to have the constitutionality of the alterations checked by "Judicial Review" is being blocked by the legal profession, including the attempt I myself made through Fair & Murtagh (Law Firm) in the letter dated July 16th 2004 to Mr Martin Egan (Lawyer), which is reproduced at the following address: .

I have never received any reply from Mr Egan to the letter I sent to him (through the registered post) on July 16th 2004, and which, together with the associated Post Office receipt, can be viewed at the address immediately above.

Consequently, the wholly justified and deep-rooted doubts relating to the constitutionality of Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 continue, for myself and many others, as do similar sets of doubts relating to a number of other new and amended Acts produced during the past ten years or so under the guidance of former Attorney General, former Minster for Justice, and former Deputy Prime Minister Michael McDowell: who, judging by statements he has made in some recent media interviews, apparently sees himself as a staunch "patriot" of the Republic of Ireland.





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